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The benefits of using an established artificial grass installer over a landscape gardener

By March 18, 2020Blog

The benefits of using an established artificial grass installer over a landscape gardener

We love to talk about the benefits of artificial grass here at New Lawn. But a question we get asked a lot is:

Can a landscape gardener install artificial grass in my garden?

The short answer is…yes.

But the long answer is kind of a different story!

Artificial lawns are a fantastic addition to any garden due to their durability and fresh aesthetic. They require much less upkeep than natural lawns and you don’t have to contend with pesky weeds year on year!

If you’ve made the decision to switch to artificial grass in your garden, then your next step is installation. And that’s where this question comes in. We often hear this from customers who already use the services of a landscape gardener and want to remain loyal to them. And we get it. However, when it comes to ensuring your artificial lawn looks as good as it performs it is often advisable to instruct an established artificial grass installer to avoid disappointment.


Artificial Grass Installer Vs Landscape Gardeners

Landscape gardeners bring a fantastic set of skills to the table. But, in our experience, there is usually a sizeable gap in knowledge when it comes to installing artificial lawns. Yes, there are a huge amount of landscape gardeners out there offering installation of artificial grass as part of their services. But when it comes to the crunch, can you really be sure they have the same level of experience as an established and well-known installer of artificial grass?

Among their other services, landscape gardeners may only lay around 3 artificial lawns per year. This would suggest that they are neither highly experienced in seamless installation or up-to-date with the latest methods and techniques used for a flawless finish. On top of that, if your garden presents with an unusual shape or you would like to retain features such as trees, your average landscape gardener may have never come across this and be unable to complete the job to the standard you would expect.

And that’s where expert installers of artificial grass come in. Specialists in this field have both the experience and knowledge to do the very best job each and every time. Because they eat, sleep and breathe artificial lawns, they are always at the forefront of technology and able to advise on unusual gardens. It is not unlikely for the team at New Lawn to be drafted in to rectify a problem for landscape gardeners or be called upon to lend our expertise. Surely it makes sense to get it right first time and avoid the stress?

artificial grass cut round trees

The Benefits Of Using An Established Artificial Grass Installer

As well as bringing experience to the table, artificial grass installers from an established company will be able to take control of your situation from start to finish. Friendly and expert teams like the ones at New Lawn are able to look at your current garden and listen to your requirements thoroughly before making recommendations and offering advice.

Whether you want to create a play area for children or would like to know if you can make your garden lawn safer for pets, an established artificial grass installer will have seen it before and have a viable answer and actionable plan.

What’s more, a specialist installer of artificial grass will have inside knowledge of their products and know which is best for you. This isn’t always the case with landscape gardeners, who will look for the cheapest product off-the-shelf. Very rarely do they have the innate knowledge of artificial grass products that an expert does. During our free consultations with customers, our experts take the time to get to know their specific requirements and can offer free samples to help them make an informed decision.


Do Your Research, Know Your Stuff

So, should you let your landscape gardener loose with artificial turf or place your trust in the hands of a professional installer? In our expert opinion, we think that going with an established artificial grass installer is always the way to go!

Experts in the field have the knowledge and experience in fitting all types of artificial turf in a range of gardens. That might not be the case with a landscape gardener whose attentions are normally focused on other specialist tasks. But the key to making the correct decision for you is research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your chosen installer before making a commitment. After all, it’s your money and your garden – and you deserve the best! Should you require any advice on artificial lawns, our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions. So, give us a call today and hit us with your best shot!