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New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd offer a mixture of sample packs ranging from Best for Pets to Commercial Solutions. We’re extremely confident that our ranges of artificial grass will exceed your expectations, this is why we would urge you to order a free sample pack today to see for yourself.

We’re able to price match a lot of current suppliers in the market however our products are unrivalled within the industry.

We offer a free no obligation quotation service for any supply and installation enquiries, once you complete the below form, a member of our team will be in contact to discuss your requirements in more depth, provide a ballpark quotation over the telephone and then if you’re happy we can organise a free site visit to provide an accurate quotation.

What is the benefit of ordering artificial grass samples?

Due to the wide variety of different artificial grass products on the market we believe the best way for customers to understand the difference in quality is to see first hand. This allows you to see what the product would look like in your garden, how soft the fibres are to feel and ultimately how quickly our product springs back up when walked upon.

We have broken our ranges into four categories; Best for Pets, Natural, Family and Commercial. If you have a unique request please contact our office on 0800 051 9142.

How long does it take to order artificial grass samples?

Once you have completed the basic form above, your samples will be sent out that day and are typically received within two working days. If you have any issues please do contact a member of the New Lawn team.

Which types of artificial grass can I order?

You’re able to select one artificial grass sample pack per customer however if you require a wider range we’re able to offer this upon request. Once you have received the pack, you can then use our new online store to purchase the product. We also offer joining tape, glue tubes and glue tubs.

Is artificial grass safe for my pet?

Absolutely! Our artificial grass is made from a combination of nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene, which is pet (and child!) friendly. With no need for fertiliser or harmful weed killer, you can rest assured that your pet is safe in your garden.

What is the best range for my pet?

You are able to have any of our artificial grass ranges installed however we typically recommend a shorter pile product such as Royal Melbourne or Merrion from our range of products.

The main reason being is that it is easier to clean up after your pet as opposed to a 40mm product, again this is still very manageable however easier with a shorter pile such as 26mm-30mm.

How much does artificial grass cost?

Dependent on if you’re looking to install the product yourself or have a member of the New Lawn installation team complete the install will vary the price.

If you’re simply looking to purchase one of our ranges of artificial grass, you’re able to buy from £18-£25+VAT per M2, this covers you for all products that we sell.

If you would like our team to complete the entire installation then typically you’re looking at a price of £55+VAT per M2, this covers you for all existing turf to be dug up, new groundworks installed, membranes, edging, artificial grass and full waste removal.

Contact a member of the New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd team today to receive a free quotation.

Landscape gardener vs artificial grass specialist?

We get asked this question a lot when it comes to artificial grass; Can I get my gardener to install your artificial grass?

The answer is of course, Yes however there are some factors that you should take into consideration. With this in mind we recently completed a full blog post on the pro’s and con’s of using a landscape gardener vs an artificial grass specialist such as New Lawn, to read more about this please click here.

Artificial grass and dogs: Here's what you need to know

We often get asked about artificial grass and dogs. Many customers come to us wondering if an artificial lawn may pose a risk to their dog, or if their dog will easily damage it. The truth is, artificial grass is great for pets, including dogs!

In this blog post, we’re going to be covering some common questions around artificial grass and dogs.

How to lay artificial grass

At New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd, we not only provide high quality artificial grass, we provide a full installation service as standard. A lot of our clients have questions about the process of installing an artificial lawn, so here we’ll give you a full rundown of the process, from start to finish.

Click on the following link to read more about how to lay artificial grass.

Maintenance tips for artificial grass

Artificial lawns are a great, low-maintenance solution for any garden. By following these helpful maintenance tips, you can ditch your lawn mower, hoes, and spades forever and spend more of your free-time enjoying your garden.

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