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Artificial Grass Maintenance.

Interested in our professional maintenance package? We recommend using this service every 6 – 12 months.

What’s included?

  • Industrial Petrol Blower – To gather large debris from the surface
  • Scarifier – A machine used to extract moss (should this be required)
  • Commercial Garden Vacuum – To suck up the smaller bits of debris
  • Edging and Seam Check – Inspect any loose fitting grass, re-tack or re-fix
  • Specialist Power Brush – To brush and lift the fibres with a petrol-powered brush
  • Disinfect and Deodorise – Apply specifically designed sanitiser that is pet and child friendly


Available on request.

Loyalty programme

For customers who regularly use our maintenance service we now offer a loyalty scheme where after 4 maintenance packages purchased you receive a 5th free of charge

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Restore and maintain your artificial lawn.

Here at New Lawn we understand that artificial grass is sold as a low maintenance product however it does require minimal maintenance and cleaning to ensure you receive the full benefits of having artificial grass installed.

With the change in seasons bringing variants in weather it can become challenging to keep your artificial lawn looking perfect all year round. With leaves being blown onto your artificial grass it can create the perfect conditions for moss to grow on top of your lawn and as such ensuring these are removed regularly along with having your lawn cleaned down will ensure this does not cause you any potential problems.

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What’s included in the maintenance package?

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How often should your artificial grass be maintained?

There is no fixed quota of how often you should have your artificial lawn maintained however if you have outdoor pets, children, or lots of trees and shrubs it is recommended that you have your lawn cleaned on a quarterly basis. This will ensure that you can enjoy your garden to its full potential all year round.

We also recommend during autumn and winter that you maintain your lawn at least once a month, this doesn’t need to be a full maintenance service from New Lawn, but you do need to ensure all leaves are removed along with any other debris to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh 365 days a year.

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