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The first step in the installation process is a site visit from one of our experienced surveyors. This can be a “contactless” visit if required. During the site visit, our surveyor will show you samples of our grasses.


Once you’ve chosen your grass, it’s time for installation! The first step of the process is usually to excavate the area of turf and soil. In some circumstances a dig out is not required.

Stabilising Membrane

This fabric layer is positioned over the excavated area. This stops sinking and dipping in the base of the lawn, and also prohibits weeds growing through.


In order to secure the grass we install an edging system. This can be a combination of Recycled Turf Baton (a composite solution instead of timber) and / or haunching.


The area is then filled with Type 1 MOT, which is a clean limestone that offers excellent drainage and a strong base.

Blinding Layer

After compacting with the wacker plate, the sand layer is added and compressed, giving us a perfectly flat surface to lay your artificial grass. If you have pets a grano alternative is used to reduce odours.

Weed Control Fabric

The black fabric is secured over the blinding layer of sand or grano. This stops any weeds from creating roots and damaging the groundwork.

Your Grass

Your chosen artificial grass is then rolled into position, cut to shape and secured around the perimeter. To finish off, the fibres are brushed up to complete the transformation of a year round perfect lawn.

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Save time and money - from fencing to patios and decking, we can build your dream garden in one project at a cost effective price. Book a site visit and let us know if you’re interested in any of our other services and we can provide you with an ‘a-la-carte’ quote at the same time at an exclusive rate.

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