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Maintenance Tips For Artificial Grass

By March 18, 2020January 4th, 2022Blog

Artificial lawns are a great, low-maintenance solution for any garden. By following these helpful maintenance tips, you can ditch your lawn mower, hoes, and spades forever and spend more of your free-time enjoying your garden.

How To Clean Artificial Grass

Like any other part of your house, your artificial lawn will benefit from being cleaned regularly. Don’t let dirt build up for long periods of time; little and often is a technique many of our customers use to keep their lawns looking like new.

We recommend cleaning your artificial grass with your garden hose, or a bucket of warm, soapy water, at least once a week. This will wash away dust, debris and dirt and prevent any airborne seeds from germinating and producing surface weeds. If you have pets, rainwater will do an adequate job of cleaning your lawn of any urine, however a concentrated clean more regularly will eliminate unpleasant odours.

If you’re feeling fancy, there are a number of artificial grass cleaners on the market which can leave your grass smelling sweet, however good, old fashioned water is a perfectly adequate solution. You can even add a little bit of vinegar for a low-cost solution to neutralise smells that may build up over time.

How To Brush Your Artificial Grass

Even the highest quality artificial turf will start to look a bit flat over time, particularly if it endures regular footfall. To ensure your grass stays perky, we recommend brushing it once a month with a brush made of synthetic bristles.

Like washing your lawn, brushing it will help to remove any dirt that may have built up between the blades of grass. It will also revitalise the lawn, bringing the blades of grass upright again and preventing matting, which can happen if a lawn isn’t cared for over time.

You want to be brushing against the pile of the lawn i.e. you want to brush away from your property if artificial grass is installed in your back garden. If it’s installed in your front garden, you would want to brush towards to property as this will mean the pile will stand upright correctly.

Weed It

Occasionally, you may find surface weeds growing in your lawn. These are easily removed by gently pulling them up. To minimise weeds, it is important to remove leaves and other natural debris from your lawn as often as you can. This can be done with a stiff brush, or a leaf blower.

You can also use a pet-friendly weed killer on your lawn. It’s a quick and easy solution and, after application, the weeds can simply be removed by hand or brushed away. This will improve the appearance of your lawn and keep it healthy and weed-free.

Stop Stains

Accidents happen, particularly around children and pets. It is important to treat your artificial lawn like you would the carpet in your house. Whilst most spills are easily cleaned up by hosing the lawn down with hot, soapy water, some like oil or adhesives  are much harder to clean up and may stain.

In these cases, prevention is much better than cure. Keep any petrol-powered garden tools or vehicles away from the lawn to eliminate the risk of staining and to keep your lawn pristine. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to keep barbeques and other sources of fire away from you artificial lawn to prevent it getting burned or scorched. We wholly recommend keeping a barbeque on a patio area and making sure no hot ashes can reach the grass.


By following these simple maintenance tips, you can be sure your Newlawn looks immaculate however you choose to use your garden. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about getting an artificial lawn installed in your garden, then get in touch today!