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How To Stop Weeds Growing On Artificial Grass

By March 18, 2020January 27th, 2023Blog

An artificial lawn is a fantastic alternative to a natural one. One of the biggest reasons why our customers choose to invest in our artificial lawns is because they look stunning all year round and need very little maintenance. Natural lawns, however, require a lot of TLC. They need mowing in the growing season; feeding to prevent bare patches; not to mention even the keenest gardeners least favourite job – weeding!

You may be wondering if weeds can grow in an artificial lawn? The answer is yes, it is technically possible, however weeds that you will see growing in an artificial lawn are usually found around the edges and are known as surface weeds. Occasionally, surface weeds can sprout up because of airborne seeds or leaves that have fallen onto the grass from surrounding trees. As these weeds grow so close to the surface, all you need to do to remove them is to gently pull them out. No digging, mowing, strimming or hoeing required!

If you have had artificial grass installed and are noticing weeds growing through this would mean that weed membrane may not have been installed. This can cause a lot of issues with weeds, bulbs and other seeds growing underneath your artificial grass of which can cause lumps and bumps underfoot.

One of the biggest draws of an Artificial lawn is the fact they are more resistant to weeds than natural lawns. Newlawns are How To Stop Weeds Growing On Artificial Grassinstalled in such a way that weeds like the ones you will find in your natural lawn will not grow. To begin with, we fully excavate the area where the grass will be laid, which removes any existing surface weeds. Following this, weed killer is also sprayed onto the area and a weed resistant membrane is laid underneath, which means weeds are highly unlikely to poke through.

In order to keep your Newlawn free of weeds, we do recommend some regular maintenance to ensure it stays looking like new day in, day out. Carrying this out will reduce the number of surface weeds and keep it looking green and fresh, but even so you’ll spend considerably less time tending to your artificial lawn than your natural one – and for even better results!

Here are our top three (yes, only three!)  maintenance tips for weed prevention:


Brush Up

To remove airborne seeds (and any dirt that may have accumulated) we recommend brushing your artificial lawn with a stiff brush regularly, particularly during the summer months. This quick and easy job will keep your lawn looking perfect and stop pesky weeds from appearing. Choose a brush with synthetic bristles rather than metal ones, as these won’t damage the turf and brush firmly in the direction of the pile. This will not only remove seeds and other debris, but also keep the blades of grass looking perky and upright.


Maintain Surrounding Areas

If you have any trees or hedges overhanging your lawn, regular maintenance of these will also help to reduce weed growth. Trimming and pruning trees and hedges will stop leaves from accumulating and, in autumn, giving your lawn a once over with a leaf blower is a quick and easy way of keeping on top of this job.


Apply Weed Killer

Another method for preventing and removing weeds in your artificial lawn is to apply a pet-friendly weed killer. You needn’t do this often – once or twice per year is perfectly adequate and will keep weeds at bay all year round!

See, we told you Newlawns are low maintenance!

If you’re ready to ditch your lawn mower, then contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team. We can help you to choose the best lawn for you from our range and answer any questions you have about installation and maintenance. We can’t wait to hear from you!