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How To Lay Artificial Grass

By March 18, 2020January 4th, 2022Blog

How To Lay Artificial Grass – New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd Explain In A Step By Step Guide.

At New Lawn, we not only provide high quality artificial grass, we provide a full installation service as standard. A lot of our clients have questions about the process of installing an artificial lawn, so here we’ll give you a full rundown of the process, from start to finish.

Site Visit

The first step on your journey to a brand new artificial lawn is a site visit. Every site visit is carried out by one of our professional and friendly installers, and allows us to gain more information about your existing lawn and discern the level of groundwork required for installation. During this visit, we will also discuss your requirements to fully understand your needs and to make recommendations as to the best artificial grass for you.

How to install artificial grass


Removal of Existing Lawn and Excavation

When you decide to go ahead with New Lawn, we will move quickly to get work underway on your garden. In order to provide a good foundation for your New Lawn we will remove your existing lawn to a depth of 70mm. This part of the process ensures the ground is flat, and removes any existing surface weeds.



Following removal of your existing lawn, we edge the entire perimeter of the area using tanalised timber or cement haunching against a hard edge, such as concrete slabs. This ensures the material that lies under your lawn is thoroughly supported, and your lawn will keep its shape once it has been laid.



Once the edging is complete, we install type 1 limestone to a depth of 40mm. This is then compacted using a whacker plate. A layer of sharp sand is then placed on top of the type 1 limestone and, once again, the whacker plate is utilised to ensure a smooth surface. By carrying out both of these steps, we are left with a flat surface that is prepped for the next stage of the process.


Weed Membrane

We don’t want weeds spoiling your enjoyment of your New Lawn. So, to prevent them from growing through the holes in your artificial lawn, we install a weed resistant membrane.


Installation of Artificial Grass

Once the base is complete, the artificial grass is ready to be rolled into position. At New Lawn, all of our professional installers dedicate themselves to ensuring the grass is perfectly aligned. The seams are then secured with adhesive and the edges of the artificial turf are pinned, or glued depending on the type of edging used earlier on in the process.

Eclipse Artificial Grass - Namgrass

And, relax!

Once the above work is complete, your artificial lawn will be ready for you to enjoy straight away! All you have to do is grab a cuppa and admire the job well done!

So, there you have it. That is the step-by-step guide to our installation process. If you have any questions, need clarification on any part of the process, or would like to arrange a free site visit to get the ball rolling, then please get in touch today!