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Grass Alternatives – Artificial Grass

By March 18, 2020Blog

They say that there is nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass, but here at New Lawn we like to go one better. We think there’s nothing better than enjoying all of the benefits of a natural lawn with none of the hassle.

Plumping for a grass alternative in your garden may well be the best thing you’ve ever done for a number of reasons. Here are our top 3 top reasons why you need a New Lawn artificial lawn in your garden.

Pet & Child Friendly

Kids and animals love the great outdoors, and it’s important that they have a safe space to play. All of our artificial turf is made Grass Alternaitvewith plastic that is often used in food packaging, so you can be sure your loved ones are well cared for when playing on your New Lawn.

Artificial grass also has many benefits for pet-owners. Many animals find digging up natural lawns a great sport, however with artificial grass the temptation is greatly reduced. This means that, no matter the wear, your lawn will look immaculate all year around and you don’t have to worry about Fido digging for bones!


Low Maintenance

We all enjoy lounging on our lawns in summer, but many of us can’t stand the chore that comes with a natural lawn. Mowing, weeding, feeding and hoeing are just a few of the regular maintenance jobs required on a regular basis (sometimes weekly) for a natural lawn.

Artificial grass takes all the hassle out of your lawn and maximises the enjoyment. All you will have to do is give your New Lawn a once over with the garden hose and a stiff brush to keep it looking great every single day. With an artificial turf you can ditch your lawn mower for good but still reap all the benefits of a natural lawn.


Year Round Perfection

When it rains, natural lawns can become muddy and boggy, and this can become even worse if the lawn has lots of footfall during this time. With an artificial lawn, you never have to worry about muddy footprints being tracked into your house, or not being able to enjoy your garden due to the weather. Water and moisture simply drain through the perforated holes in artificial grass, meaning it dries quickly and you aren’t left with any muddy puddles!

Not only this, but artificial lawn never changes in appearance. During drier periods natural lawns can become dry and turn yellow, like hay. This can be unsightly, uncomfortable and spoil our enjoyment of the garden. With artificial grass you can be sure your lawn will look lush and pristine all year around, so you’re sure to be the envy of your neighbours when the next hosepipe ban is put into place!

There are so many reasons why an artificial lawn is the right choice for you garden. New Lawn artificial turf provides a low maintenance, attractive solution for any garden no matter the size or how it is used. If you’d like to find out more about New Lawn Artificial Grass then contact us today for more information. Alternatively, you can request a sample to see for yourself just how good our artificial grass is!