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Artificial Grass and Dogs – What You Need To Know

By March 18, 2020Blog

We often get asked about artificial grass and dogs. Many customers come to us wondering if an artificial lawn may pose a risk to their dog, or if their dog will easily damage it. The truth is, artificial grass is great for pets, including dogs!

In this blog post, we’re going to be covering some common questions around artificial grass and dogs. Read on to find out more…

Will dog urine damage an artificial lawn?

When it comes to making any sort of investment in your home, it’s important to ensure it will be long lasting and suitable for the whole family. And many customers approach us concerned with what effects dog urine will have on their new artificial lawn.

The fact of the matter is that dog urine has very little impact on the appearance of artificial lawns with the correct maintenance. While a natural lawn may become discoloured, or even die, after exposure to urine this does not happen with artificial grass. As our products are laid atop a perforated backing, animal urine simply drains through to the ground underneath.

Artificial lawns require very little maintenance aside from brushing to remove debris. That being said, we always advise dog owners to clean any areas that are well used by pets with warm, soapy water. This simple task works to rid the lawn of any lasting odours that may come about from exposure to urine and is simply necessary to keep it smelling fresh. Aside from this, there is absolutely no need to clean the area after every use, and you certainly won’t see any discolouration in your artificial lawn from dog urine.

Is artificial grass toxic for dogs?

We know family pets are well loved and dog owners will do everything to ensure their furry friend stays safe. Understandably, you may be hesitant about introducing an artificial lawn to your garden if it has the potential to harm your pet – but we can assure you this is not the case.

Artificial lawns pose no threat to dogs. In fact, in many ways it is a safer alternative to a natural lawn due to the fact that your pet is less likely to encounter ticks or fleas from playing in the garden and is at a reduced risk of diseases such as lungworm. Furthermore, artificial grass is manufactured from materials that pose no risk to humans and animals alike. Artificial lawns are most commonly made from polyethylene, nylon and polypropylene – all of which are used in packaging for food!

artificial grass for dogs

Are dogs able to damage an artificial lawn?

Artificial lawns from New Lawn Artificial Grass is designed to be highly durable, especially for pets. Our customers find that their dogs actually have very little interest in their new artificial lawns as there is no soil underneath.

Dogs will generally dig up a lawn to get to something beneath the surface and, as this is removed in the excavation process. Similarly, urine and faeces don’t affect artificial lawns. Liquids will drain through and faeces can be picked up as normal and disposed of, leaving no lasting damage to the lawn underneath. If you would like to check out the durability of our artificial grass products, request your pet friendly sample pack for free today.

Do dogs like artificial grass?

Of course, it is important for your dog to enjoy your new lawn just as much as you do, and we hear this question a lot from our customers.

Our artificial grass is designed to look and feel as close to natural grass as possible. Not only does it look welcoming, it feels soft and bouncy – perfect for playing. In our feedback from customers, we hear that animals very quickly warm up to artificial lawns and get just as much joy out of it as a traditional lawn. The only difference is that it makes your life much easier due to the low maintenance. Plus, you don’t have to wrangle with muddy paw prints again1

Pet Friendly Lawn from New Lawn Artificial Grass

We have a range of artificial grass products that are perfect for pets and we provide supply and installation services to customers across the South East of England. To arrange for your free quote, please contact us today. Alternatively, if you would like to sample some of our artificial grass products you can order a sample pack here now.